I’m Sarah (a.k.a Spocker), a half-Taiwanese small business owner, barbell enthusiast, roller derby referee, and mom. I believe that fitness is for everyone, and I’m here to train all bodies and all abilities. I want to help you find your way to love living in your body.

I grew up as a sedentary kid, and I definitely wasn’t a born athlete. But, in my early 20s, I was lucky enough to stumble into a wushu practice at my university and fall in love with the sport.

That was the start of a 20-year journey training for wushu, playing competitive roller derby, and learning to love my big body–all while finding opportunities to get nerdy about movement and the body whenever I could.

My time in sports and in the gym helped me realize that I want to help others find what I was lucky enough to stumble upon: a way to move and live in my body that actually feels GOOD.

If you want to feel good in your own body, do things you never thought possible, or simply find ways to move your body that make you feel awesome, I’m here to be your guide and your hypewoman!

If you want to live a fuller life in your body, let’s work together to find your path.