Small Groups, Classes & Workshops

From group workouts to workshops, I can level up your training and your life.

Small Group Training

at Prism Moves
I match you with a group of 3-5 people with similar goals, and train y’all together! It’s an affordable way to learn how to lift, get personal instruction from me, and a little dose of community, too.

Power Lunch

Wed. 12pm at United Athletic Club
a group strength and conditioning class for all levels to get you sweaty, feeling strong, and out the door in time for your next meeting.

Also Coming in 2024:

Barbell Basics Series

a 6-session training series where you’ll learn barbell lifts you can use to drive big changes

Un-F*ck Your Back

a workshop focused on core strengthening and stretching to relieve everyday back pain

Row Row Row

a workshop to tune up your rower technique, and get the most out of your body whether you’re working 100m or 5000m.